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      Varmland is the name of a historical province of Sweden. It was part of the larger region of Gotaland. Politically, the provinces of Sweden are no longer administrative districts. Varmland is on the border with Norway. The landscape is largely forested and dotted with lakes. On holidays the cheap hotels in Varmland fill up with vacationers from Stockholm and other Swedish cities. The beautiful countryside is also attractive to artists.

      The principal city of Varmland is Karlstad on the Klara River. In the central square there is a statue of King Charles IX, for whom the city was named, by sculptor Christian Eriksson. Nearby is the Ostra Bron, Swedens longest arched stone bridge. Built in 1811, it has twelve arches and spans 510 feet across the water. In 1865 a fire destroyed all but eleven buildings in this community. One of the structures that survived was the Bishops Residence, a beautiful 18th century wooden building. The 18th century Karlstad Katedral had one tower destroyed by the fire, and that was replaced. Visitors of Swedish descent book into budget hotels in Varmland so they can go to the Emigrantregistret in Karlstad. This research center has records for all of the Swedes who emigrated to America. Visitors should also see Marieberg Skogspark, which is an open air museum, and the Varmlands Museum.