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    Geneva is one of the biggest cities in Switzerland. With 185,726 inhabitants, it is second in population only to Zürich. It stands on the banks of the Rhone River, at the mouth of Lake Geneva. Situated close to the French border, Geneva has a cosmopolitan reputation. Many organizations with the highest global social, political, and economic aspirations have their headquarters in Geneva. The most famous of these are the United Nations and the Red Cross. According to a 2007 poll, Geneva has the world's second-highest quality of life. It was beaten in the poll only by its Swiss rival, Zürich.One of the major attractions in Geneva is the University of Geneva. This university, established by reformer John Calvin, used to be an important stronghold of the Protestant Reformation. Geneva's United Nations Office is another attraction .It offers guided tours for visitors. The most important museum in Geneva is the Art and History Museum.