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    Foundation Culterelle Islamique Details

    There is a very interesting place in the city of Geneva in Switzerland called the Foundation Culterelle Islamique. In English that is the Islamic Culture Foundation. The foundation is a place not only to go to learn about the Islamic culture but it is also equipped with a mosque where all men and women of the Islamic culture can go to perform daily prayers.The Foundation Culterelle Islamique is a very important building in the city of Geneva, and it is also home to a very large library which is open on every Monday through Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm with a two hour break at 12:00 noon. The Foundation Culterelle Islamique is definitely a great place to go if you are visiting the city and happen to be Islamic. The website for the Foundation Culterelle Islamique ids a great place to go to find out more info on everything they do there and to find out prayer times.

    Address: Chemin Colladon 34, 1209 Genève, Switzerland

    Phone: +41 22 798 37 11