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    Globus-Grand Passage Details

    The city in Switzerland called Geneva is a wonderful place to go visit. In the center of this lovely city is a place known as Globus-Grand Passage. This lovely place is a four floor department store. The Globus-Grand Passage is the oldest department store in all of Geneva, and since it is the oldest they really know how to run a department store; one can find just about anything on the many floors of this huge building.The Globus-Grand Passage is just full of great things to buy. On the very bottom floor visitors will be pleased to find a beautiful covered market that includes a wide variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables; also in the market is a bakery. You will find on the next floors, many great clothing departments for women, children, and men, including some of your favorite designer clothes. This sore has everything and visitors to the Globus-Grand Passage will not be disappointed.

    Address: Rue du Rhône 48, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland