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    The beautiful Swiss city of Geneva is certainly one of the best cities in to visit in all of Switzerland. The huge city is full of all the usual things one does on vacation as well as some very interesting additions of places to go, and things to do in Geneva. The museums, theaters, parks, and restaurants are all very lovely and fun; however one of the most fun and interesting places to go in all of Geneva is the Ile Rousseau.The Ile Rousseau is an islet between the two sides of the city which is very green and very peaceful. This is a great place to relax, which is not usually what one finds in a large city; surprisingly the city of Geneva is full of very relaxing and peaceful places to go and get away from the stresses of life. The Ile Rousseau is open all times and all days so come whenever you please.

    Address: le Rousseau 1204 Geneva, Switzerland