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    Of all the cities in Switzerland one could go and visit the city of Geneva is one of the best. The city has many wonderful museums, restaurants, and shopping centers to visit while in the city. There are also many other great things to do like visit the beautiful parks, monuments, or even the Le Jet d'Eau. The Le Jet d'Eau is a very lovely one hundred and forty meter tall water fountain.The beautiful Le Jet d'Eau is the tallest water fountain in the world and is a sight in Geneva you simply must go and see. To see this beautiful fountain anytime is marvelous but the view of it lit up at night is simply breathtaking and it is something you can not leave the city without going to see. The fountain is one of the most famous landmarks in the entire city and will make a perfect addition to a lovely walk around town.

    Address: quai Gustave-Ador, Jetee des Eaux-Vives, Geneva 1207, Switzerland

    Phone: +41 022 909 70 00