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    Promenade des Bastions Details

    Switzerland is a wonderful country to visit if you love places with great spots to relax and enjoy your time off. The lovely Promenade des Bastions is a wonderful spot in the city of Geneva where visitors may go to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Visitors may also engage in a wonderful game of chess on the giant chess boards. Although this park used to be a botanical garden, it was turned into a very beautiful park popular with locals as well as visitors to the city.The Promenade des Bastions is also home to the famous Reformation Monument which is in remembrance of the role the Swiss reformers played in the reformation. There are many visitor in the park on any regular day. Day time is the best time to visit this very beautiful park as its great natural beauty is the primary reason to go as well as to visit the Reformation Monument.

    Address: Prom. des Bastions Genève, Switzerland