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The little community of Celerina is in the Swiss canton of Graubunden. With its twin, Samedan, it is about three kilometers (1.75 miles) of St. Moritz, and is actually considered a suburb of the larger community. Celerina lies at the foot of the St. Moritz bobsled runs. This is a good place to spend a vacation or just a weekend. Celerina is in the shadow of its larger and more famous neighbour, but it has easy access to great skiing and other alpine sports, and is an excellent base from which to explore St. Moritz and other Swiss communities in this area. Guests staying in Celerina hotels enjoy a placed reputed to be one of the sunniest towns in Switzerland. There are horse and carriage rides up to St. Moritz, and easy access to Swiss National Park. In Celerina itself visitors can see the 15th century church San Gian (St. John).As this city is in such a central location, any Celerina hotel would be a good starting point for your sightseeing adventures. You'll find that hotels in Celerina are busy year round, but you can usually count on finding a budget Celerina hotel where you will be almost as comfortable as you would be in your own space at home. The listings at are a great help in deciding exactly where you will find accommodation.