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      The Grison Alps or Grison Canton is found in Eastern Switzerland. Here lies the source of the Rhine and Inn Rivers. The region features the large mountain range with several heights and peaks including, Piz Linard, Piz Kesch, Piz Erraco and Piz Platta. Visit all of the passes including Bernina, Maloja, Oberalp, Sankt Gothard, San Bernardino and Umbrail. It will take longer than a weekend. The Grison Alps is rugged and beautiful territory to cover. You can visit Arosa, a favorite of both skiers and hikers and follow the Alteinbach Trail. In Celeria, you can ride in a horse-drawn carriage. In Davos, the main resort in this region, you can take sledge runs, ride mountain bikes over the many trails, ski or visit the town’s botanical gardens.