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    Lake Neutchâtel is home to the city of the same name. It was also once home to the ancient La Tène Celts and Bronze Age Lake Dwellers. You can go to Laténium where archaeologists recovered many of these objects. Inside, you can see the remains of a 60-foot long Gallo-Romano barge; outside sits a reconstruction of this same barge. It may be a good idea to prolong your holiday for at least a weekend. Lake Neutchâtel can then show you its sights. In Neutchâtel, be sure and visit the 12th century Chateau. The Prison Tower offers panoramic views of the Lake and the Alps as well. Take a side-trip to Boudry to see its Stone Tower with a wine tasting cellar, and the Museum of Wine and Vines in the Bundry Chateau. You can even cross on the ferries.