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        In Schweizer Mittelland you can drive across rolling hills, the mountains in the distance. Enjoy the sights of Bern or to wander the wooded Alte Brücke near the Aare River. There are valleys and open land in all directions. This is Central Switzerland, a place worth staying in for a weekend. Schweizer Mittelland then introduces you to its lakes and rivers and leads you to the mountains. In Spiez, you can visit Lake Thun and the Niesen Mountains. There is a lakeshore castle and an 11th century Norman Curch. Lauterbrunnen Valley near Mürren is a solid base for hiking trips. At Wenger, you can ski and in Bern. Bern is more expensive. Schweizer Mittelland then shows you the famous Rose Garden, the Swiss Alpine Museum, the Zoo, Einstein’s House and much more in Bern.