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      Locarno is in central Switzerland, on the northern tip of Lake Maggiore. With its mild, Mediterranean climate, Locarno is the sunniest of all Swiss cities. Whether you come here for a vacation or just to spend a weekend, Locarno will delight you with its beauty and its rich history. Guests staying in Locarno hotels will have plenty to see and do. The centre of Locarno’s social activities is the Piazza Grande with its shops, cafes and restaurants. Every August it is an open air cinema for the International Film Festival. West of Piazza Grande is Locarno’s old district. Here visitors can see the 12th century Castello Visconteo, which now houses a museum. They can also see the 16th century Church of St. Francis, and the 17th century Church of Sant’Antonio Abate. Among other sites of interest is Casa Rusca, an elegant 18th century house that now is an art gallery. Visitors will also enjoy a stroll along the Promenade Lungolago Giuseppe Motta.Since you will be so busy with sightseeing, shopping, and other events, you will want to make sure you have a comfortable Locarno hotel room waiting for you upon your arrival. Booking hotel rooms can be very simple, and locating discount Locarno hotels is quick and easy when you take advantage of the information at