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Located in Central Switzerland, the canton of Uri features the Ruess river valley and a long and colorful history. Not only are there legendary views of the mountains and Lake Lucerne, but rumor has it that William Tell hailed from Uri canton. If you are in the mood for a nice overnight only a few short stops from Zurich, you can stay here. Uri was one of the three original Swiss cantons, and the name of the place means wild ox. The people here resisted the Austrians, the Reformation, and havent updated the Constitution since 1929. Nevertheless, they are quite welcoming to tourists wishing to enjoy the hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in the region. A statue of William Tell can be found in the city of Altdorf, and frescos in local churches sometimes feature interpretations of his deeds. In other areas, the main attractions of the regions are the forests, mountains, and boating on Lake Lucerne.