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The village of Anzere is located in the Valais Canton in the Herens District of Switzerland. It is part of the municipality of Ayent, along with ten other villages. Anzere sits above the Rhone Valley on the slope of Wildhorn Mountain. This part of the Alps serves as the border between the cantons of Valais and Berne. Anzere is actually a planned resort village, providing incredible views across the Valaisan Alps. If you are a fan of winter sports or just mountain views, a budget Anzere hotel is the choice for you. can help you find the best discount hotel in Anzere for your stay.In the center of Anzere there is a pedestrian-only area called the Village Square. It is the center of village life and is often busy and full of activity. You can shop in the boutiques, stroll through art galleries, or take a break at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants. There is even a playground to give the kids something to do. The square is surrounded by a mix of modern chalets and more primitive, rural structures, making an interesting mixture of sites.