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      Although traditionally an arboretum is a collection of trees and larger shrubs native or imported to an area, the Arboretum at the University of Zurich Botanical Garden is much more. Guests in Zurich can also spend some time learning about different medicinal herbs and their use, as well as a bit about the founder of the gardens. This Arboretum is home to the Gessner Garden, named after the originator of the gardens, Conrad Gessner. There is also a monument to the man, who was a leading Swiss naturalist and writer in the early to mid 1500's.Within the beautifully landscaped area there is the huge herb garden, which provides medicinal uses for each herb. The trees in the Arboretum and also labeled, plus educational tours and events happen on the grounds at different times throughout the year.

      Address: Mythenquai, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

      Phone: +41 44 201 75 00