Hotels in Old Botanical Garden

      Old Botanical Garden Details

      Located near Sihlporte, the Old Botanical Garden in Zürich is actually managed and operated by the University of Zurich. They also manage the new Botanical Garden, which has been established to allow for expansion. The original old Botanical Garden first got its start in 1746 through Johannes Gessner, however the current location was not fully developed until after the University of Zurich was built and this garden was designed by Leopold Karl Theodor Fröbel. There is a huge greenhouse and an octagonal glass pavilion on the grounds that was constructed in 1887.In addition the grounds are still beautifully maintained, providing a lush perspective on the plants, both native and imported, that are grown with the garden. Trams stop just a short distance from the gardens, making them easy to access.

      Address: Talstrasse, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

      Phone: +41 44 634 84 61