Hotels in Taipei County

          Taipei County Details

          Taipei county, at the northern tip of Taiwan, is home to Taipei City. A heavily urban county near the cities, the mountainous parts of the county are nevertheless sparsely populated. If you are visiting, you can balance between the two with the help of, which can help you find Taipei County hotels along the high-speed train line. This will greatly assist you as you try to get around the county.As you plan your visits, you can include hiking and biking in the mountains, historical site visits, or even a beach visit. For history, hit up the Lin Family Mansion and Garden in Banqiao town, which has Qing Era buildings and architecture, often associated with mainland China, but featured here with its Taiwanese interpretation. After you have done your historical duty, you can proceed to get out and get down. Fulong offers and excellent beach retreat, as do the hot springs in Wulai town. But dont stray far from the nightlife of Taipei, some of the best in the country. The Taiwanese people can be quite friendly and willing to show you the most current clubs. Do be on your best manners thoughone cultural point to take note of is that while it is quite accepted for men to smoke, ladies are not considered to be of the best class if they light up in public.