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          Taipei is the effective capital of Taiwan, which is otherwise known as the Republic of China (as opposed to the People's Republic of China, a rival government that controls the Chinese mainland and not the island of Taiwan). This vast, bustling metropolis, full of skyscrapers and neon lights is like something out of a cyberpunk novel. Commerce and industry thrive in Taipei, which boasts a population of more than 2.5 million inhabitants.The many sites of touristic interest include the Taipei 1-1 skyscraper, which became accessible to the public in 2004. At 101 stories, it remains the world's tallest finished building. Many tourists love to become gloriously disoriented and lost in the famous Shilin Night Market, which provides every kind of good that one can imagine. Prominent museums and monuments in Taipei include the National Palace Museum and the National Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall. As one can imagine, there are countless hotels in Taipei, so that finding the one you want can be overwhelming. With numerous listings of the best cheap and discount Taipei hotels, can considerably simplify your search for the Taipei hotel that suits your travel needs.