Hotels in Chiang Mai

        Chiang Mai Details

        Chiang Mai province, in Northern Thailand, is typically overshadowed by its most prominent city of the same name. A so-called Learning City, Chiang Mai offers a host of classes on Thai cooking, massage, silver working, and other handicrafts. As many people stay for several days at a shot, a good hotel in Chiang May is important. In the city Chiang May, the daytime attractions are the various schools, the local temples and artisans, and the excellent spas and restaurants. The old part of the city has a high wall, and many open market bazaars flourish. However, Chiang Mais historic importance was due to its location on a major trade route, and you can best see this in the nighttime bazaar. The Night Market is one of the best in Asia, and the fierce bargaining can be quite exciting. Silk works, silver crafts, and all kinds of carvings, especially hand-done umbrellas, make this a must hit. There are also several all-night pharmacies in the bazaar for those on medical holiday or seeking to take advantage of the lower prices on prescription medications in Thailand. Von Dutch, Lucky, and of course the ubiquitous Gucci and Prada knock-offs round off the Chiang May market.