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    Kamphaeng Phet is a province of the Southeast Asian nation of Thailand. The name means Diamond Wall. Kamphaeng Phet is in the north of Thailand, and was once an important bastion against invasion. Its geography ranges from river flats in the east, to forest covered mountains in the west. The city of Kamphaeng Phet is on the Ping River. It dates back to the 14th century. Though it is now in ruins, it has been largely restored and is a historic park. A modern town near the site caters to the needs of tourists. Kamphaeng Phet National Museum displays ancient artifacts, many of them of a religious nature. In Kamphaeng Phet Province Museum, visitors can learn about local history, as well as urban and rural traditions. In the ancient town of Mueang Nakhon Chum you can see the remains of old fortifications. The Wat Phra Borom That temple is in the center of the old town.