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    Phetchabun is a province in Northern Thailand, and the unusual name actually has the nice local meaning of plenty of crops. Due to the overall high fertility of the ground in the area, there are many indigenous peoples there, who have now opened themselves up to tourism and do exhibitions of traditional ceremonies. While you can stay in the villagers huts , if you like things a little less authentic it is wise to turn to and get the best deals on hotels in Phetchabun in Thailand.Although only 370 kilometers from Bangkok, when you visit Phetchabun it is like stepping back in time. There is no train service to the area, but several highways criss-cross the region. One of the more scenic points of interest in the Phetchabun mountain range is the Khao Kho National Park, with hiking available. The Lo Sak River valley in Phetchabun also allows for boating, tubing, and whitewater adventures in some places. Than Thip waterfall is the most famous in the region, and the Si Thep Historical Park offers Buddhist cultural interest points. Tamarind is the most famous crop and fruit of Phetchabun, celebrated with a Sweet Tamarind festival each January.