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    Ranong is a thin strip of a province on the border with Myanmar, to the west of the Phuket mountain range and with a long Andamam Sea coast. The region is the least populated in all of Thailand, and an gem largely untouched by tourism, though it is popular with native Thais, with man-made treasures such as temples and a royal palace matched by a wealth of natural beauty, from beaches and waterfalls to rich evergreen forestland.Located on a hilltop, the Rattanarangsarn Palace is the high spot for any tourists visiting Ranong. The teak-wood throne hall was built for the visit of King Rama in 1890 and has been maintained ever since, leaving it in immaculate condition. Another must-see is the Chinese grave of Ranongs first governor, made up of three tiers of stone platform with steps leading up to the grave with antique granite sculptures of Chinese noblemen, horses, goats and lions on both sides. With opportunities for hiking in nearby mangrove forests, elephant trekking and cruising in the placid waters of the Andamam Sea, a visit to Ranong is one which will stay with the traveler for years to come.