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      The northern Thailand province of Tak is a typical slice of all that is good about the country, with shrines, temples and pagodas which will provide hours of exploration and eye-popping beauty for the visitor. With unique regional dishes and colourful annual festivals, a visit to Tak is one that will live long in the memory of any tourist to this enchanting part of the world. The main sights are the shrines of Si Maharat and the one built in honour of King Taksin the great; both are modern structures but contain a wealth of history in their origins and the reasons behind their commissioning.As well as countless wats notably the provincial royal monastery of Mani Banphot Worawihan visitors to Tak also like to sample the local delicacies. Kabong Cho has been a long-established dish and one well worth trying. Literally translating into 'fried pumpkin' the crispy, fried pieces of fruit are eaten with sweet and sour dipping sauce and are nothing short of delicious. As is seng-phe, a sticky rice flavored with sugarcane juice and coconut milk.