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              Very close to the border with Malaysia, Trang is one of the southernmost provinces in Thailand, situated on the coast of Andaman Sea and consisting of 46 isles, each more beautiful than the last. According to local records Trang was once one of 12 satellite towns first settled as many as 900 years ago, but it was not until the era of King Rama II that the place was recognized and the province got its first governor. These days, the principle industry in Trang is rubber and a gradually blossoming tourist trade. While it is a fair assessment that the area is more popular with natives than overseas visitors, this adds to the charm of such an undiscovered gem. The main tourist draws are the islands of Ko Muk and the nearby cave of Tham Morakat, where fishing villages have preserved their way of life on the craggy faces of the towering cliffs. Inside the cave, emerald water can be seen in the light creating a unique atmosphere. With more than 20 waterfalls and acres of wildlife-packed forestland it is no surprise that the region is a big attraction for hikers, while the clear water, coral reefs and colorful marine lift make it a hotspot for divers too.