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    Koh Chang Details

    Ko Chang is a city located on the celebrated Thai island of the same name. The name of this island, the second-largest in Thailand, translates to "Elephant Island." Alas, this name comes merely from the geographic shape of the island. Although there aren't too many elephants here, there are plenty of other attractions to keep the tourist busy. Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park comprises 85% of the surface area of the island, plus additional coral reefs off the island's coast. Another attraction is the Bang Bao Fishery Village, a traditional Thai fishing village all of whose houses stand on stilts to accommodate the frequent floods.

    Tourists who insist on seeing elephants, can visit the Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp, where non-indigenous have been transported in order to live in a protected natural environment. Finally, tourists can relax at the famous White Sand Beach--a long stretch of beach that, as the name implies, is completely covered by fine white sand. When choosing hotels in Ko Chang, there are innumerable options. Even cheap and discount hotels in Ko Chang can be located in scenic locations, such as next to a waterfall. The easiest way to research the best Ko Chang hotels is through, a site that boasts thousands of listing of hotels in Thailand and all over the world.