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Kairouan in Tunisia is the home of the oldest Muslim site for worship in all of Africa. Those who are Muslim consider the Great Mosque in Kairouan the fourth holiest site in the Islam faith. Since many of those who live in North Africa and are of the Muslim faith will be unable to ever make the long trip to Mecca, as required by their religion, the Great Mosque has become a destination for a pilgrimage. Those who are not Muslim are not allowed to venture inside this mosque, but the doors are usually left open, allowing people to see the beautiful interior. Do note that any female who visits even the outside of the mosque is expected to be dressed modestly. Some budget hotels in Kairouan are within walking distance of the Great Mosque, which is very convenient for those who plan to visit this attraction.There are other sacred attractions and also some that are considered power places in Kairouan. Some of these are Islamic, and some are Jewish. There are three Islamic shrines, notably Sidi Mahraz in Tunis, Sidi Sahbi, and Sidi Nasir el Barouchi. The Jewish Synagogue of Ghriba in Djerba is another sacred attraction. The cheap hotels in Kairouan will cater to both your needs and your budget. has quite a list of hotels with a very reasonable price, indeed.