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    Travellers interested in history need look no further than Kelibi - this Tunisian desert town holds the earliest hard evidence of human habitation in the region, dating back about 200,000 years. The Tunisian government has started to encourage international tourism to this region, throwing the door open for visitors to see this evidence and also one of the oldest oases, a tranquil and well-kept pocket for reflection and relaxation which is the epicentre of the town and the focal point of any visit.The village houses are pristine white in the typical style of the rest of the country, and Kebili offers an unspoilt snapshot of life in this tiny desert town. The nearby town of Douz is easily accessed and has been described historically as the 'gateway to the Sahara', and a major producer of dates. With the tourist industry just starting to blossom in this part of the world, don't miss your chance to see it before the crowds. Here at we have all the best rates for the friendliest hotels, so check here to start your adventure today.