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Monastir has come a long way from its origins as a small fishing port to become a centre of Tunisian tourism and a major hot spot for travellers from all over the world. With its ninth-Century walls and a dominating Ribat tower over a modern resort complex, Monastir has something to offer for everyone, encapsulating both Tunisia's ancient charms and its modern conveniences. A glittering harbour situated in the shade of the walls provides an enjoyable promenade as does the long strip with the azure Mediterranean on one side and a bank of hotels, restaurants and coffee houses to sit at and enjoy the dazzling view on the cn help you find a discount hotel that won't break your budet in Monastir. The monastery, from which the town took its name, was built by an Islamic religious order in the eighth Century to protect the town from nomadic barbarian hordes and Byzantine attackers. These days the fortress is home to a museum with a large collection of Islamic art and artifacts.