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Monastir is a Tunisian city of about 41,500, full sun, sand, mosques, and the traditional beige-colored blocky houses that are characteristic of this part of North Africa. The city is located on the Mediterranean shore, and was once primarily a sea port and fishing town. These days, tourism has come to dominate the economy here, and visitors have plenty to see and do. The town's most famous attraction is its well-preserved Ribat, or fortified tower. It faces the ocean and was appeared in Monty Python's Bible comedy, Life of Brian. Another attraction is the Great Mosque, a 9th century mosque still in use today.Visitors can gain a better understanding of local life (or at least, of how locals dress) after a visit to the city's Museum of Costume. The town's seafront promenade and yachting harbor is great for strolls, and is located close to many of the finest hotels in Monastir. Of course, the prospect of finding Monastir hotels at the right price can be challenging because of the city's popularity as a tourist destination. Fortunately, has listings of many cheap and budget Monastir hotels.