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        Pottery and ceramics are the key industries in this pocket of Tunisian life, which can be easily accessed from the larger town of Hammamet, ideally on a day trip to the weekly market every Friday. The market used to be famous for camel trading, but these days offers visitors the chance to buy hand-made goods straight from the wheel of local potters, who use centuries-old methods to produce high-quality and original Tunisian artefacts. can ensure you get the best hotel deal for discount hotel prices in Nabuel.Just an hour away is the country's capital city of Tunis, but closer to Nabeul is Dar Chaabane, another quaint Tunisian village famous for its stone carvers. Nabeul is also home to a long stretch of beach and boasts a wealth of history, too, having been a key town during the Roman era when it was the production centre of garum, a seasoning used in many different dishes.