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        An ancient city whose origins trace back thousands of years, Hammamet is considered by many to be one of the finest beach resorts in Tunisia. It is a city known for its jasmine (to the point that the popular tourist resort Yasmine Hammamet was named for it) and for it’s amazing beaches, and becomes a thriving tourism location in the summers when hundreds of thousands of visitors come to see what this African jewel has to offer. Hotels in Hammamet range from luxury dwellings to a number of cheap hotels Hammamet is proud to offer, and ample amounts of private and public beaches make sure that all visitors to the city don’t have to put up with large crowds when trying to enjoy the sun, sand, and water.In addition to the beauty of the beachfront properties, other tourist attractions keep people coming back to Hammamet. The Hammamet Medina features a wide variety of shopping experiences within its narrow paths, and the villa of Romanian millionaire Georges Sebastian brings additional visitors with each passing year. By using to locate one of the many discount hotels Hammamet has, you can make sure that you can afford to come and stay for weeks or even just a weekend. Hammamet will be glad to have you either way.