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Sfax is the second largest city of Tunisia, but is something of an undiscovered gem for the traveller, who can find plenty of bargains in the town because of this fact. Home to 400,000 Tunisians, Sfax also has hundreds of hotels and good restaurants. A visit to Sfax is not complete without a trip to the medina, where visitors can indulge in the popular pastime of haggling in pursuit of a bargain. The quality is slightly higher, and the goods are genuine, because the artisans who produce them are aiming at the Tunisian market.The medina, mentioned above, and the harbour are the places most tourists head for but the old city is a vibrant example of daily life in Tunisia. Citizens still live, work and shop here, and can be observed and joined in their routines by the relatively small tourist crowds. Whether the old or new parts of town take your fancy, can help with your hotel booking. Sfax's city walls are in a surprisingly good condition, especially considering how much was destroyed by bombing during the Second World War. Much of it dates from quite recent centuries, but the oldest surviving parts are from the ninth century and the walls encompass the medina completely.