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One of the 24 provinces of Tunisia, Tataouine is in the southern part of this country, which is a part of North Africa. It is also the capital of Tunisia. Tunisia is nestled against the Atlas mountain range, and around 40 percent of it is part of the Sahara Desert. The other parts of this land are quite verdant and fertile. Tataouine is not what you would call a tourist town, as there is little here in the way of attractions and venues. However, Tataouine does have a claim to fame. It is the location where George Lucas filmed some parts of the movie Star Wars. The home planet of the Skywalker family in the movie was named Tatooine in honor of Tataouine.Other attractions in Tataouine, Tunisia include the city market, which takes place on Monday and Thursday of each week. Restaurants in Tataouine are surprisingly inexpensive. Fried fish is one of the specialties of Tunisia, as are the various salads you will see listed on menus. Make sure you book your Tataouine hotel in an area that is a tourist location, otherwise you will have a lot of driving to do. Tataouine hotels are clean and comfortable, and can range from large to small. If your goal is to find a cheap Tataouine hotel, the listings here at will help you to locate the perfect room for you.