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Adana is the fourth largest in population in the country, and the capital of the Adana province. It is one of the most fertile areas in all of Turkey, which is why it is also the top agricultural area, thanks in part to the River Seyhan. At the same time, it is a bustling city, with several top industries. There are many mosques, museums, and hammams that visitors to this area will want to see. Sightseeing is also a wonderful and interesting pastime for those who have come to Adana on a holiday. Many of these sights are also historical in nature.You will definitely want to see The Great Clock, built in 1882. Rebuilt in 1935 after damage inflicted during the French occupation of Turkey, there are several other historic sites located in the area around this clock. The Varda Bridge, built in 1903, is the best place to go in order to admire the view of Adana. The Church of Babies, an ancient church in the middle of Adana, is on a street that contains other historic buildings. The Seyhan Dam and the ruins of the castle called Yalanli Kale are also well worth seeing. Restaurants in Adana serve inviting Turkish fare as well as food that is more international.