Hotels in Esenboğa International Airport

      Esenboğa International Airport Details

      If you are going to be visiting the beautiful city of Ankara in Turkey then you must definitely fly into the Esenboa International Airport. This very lovely airport is one of the nicest ones in Turkey, and certainly the only one to use if you are going to Ankara. From the Esenboa International Airport it is a short bus ride or taxi into the city so start seeing the sights of Ankara.The expanded road between the airport and the city has decreased the drive time by many minutes and it is just that much sooner to the fun of the city and you can go get a great bite to eat or go to a museum, or even get in some great shopping. Whatever you have planed in the city like seeing sights or eating a great meal, it is a very short ride there from the Esenboa International Airport.

      Address: Balıkhisar Mh. Esenboa Havaalanı Girii, 06970 Akyurt/ankara, Turkey

      Code: ESB

      Phone: +90 312 590 4000