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      If you love to shop you will certainly have no problems finding places top go if you stay in the lovely Turkish city of Ankara. The cities in Turkey have some of the best malls and shopping centers in all of the Middle East. Ankara is one of the major cities in Turkey and has many great places to see and things to do in Turkey. One of the best shopping centers in the city is called the Karum. The Karum is one of the most popular places in Ankara to go to shop. While you are staying there in the city you should also check out all the other shopping centers and malls. Another great place to shop in the city is the Armada Mall. There is also a great museum called the State art and Sculpture Museum, so go and see it all.

      Address: Gaziosmanpaa Mh., Karum Otoparkı, 06700 Ankara/Ankara, Turkey