Hotels in Ankara Train Station

      Ankara Train Station Details

      There are many lovely railway stations in the country of Turkey that are important and not just because they are good transportation. One of the nicest stations in Turkey is in the city of Ankara. Ankara is home to the Ankara Railway Station which is one of the most important stations in the country. In addition to being a great railway station the Ankara Railway Station is the location of four separate museums that will tell you all about the city while you are there visiting.The Ankara Railway Station is also a great way to get from city to city but the best part about going is going trough the four museums. The museums history begins in the year 1865 and takes you all the way to the year 2000. This great historical journey is like nothing you usually get to see while going to a simple railway station.

      Address: Doanbey Mh., 06050 Ankara, Turkey