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Erzurum Details

Ezurum is considered the capital of Eastern Turkey and was a strategic Seljuk Turkish city in medieval times. Many of these medieval buildings, tombs and monuments remain for visitors to explore Ezurums fascinating past. Some of the important Seljuk buildings that remain in the town are the ifte Minareli Medrese; the Mongol-built Yakutiye Medrese and various Seljuk tombs. The ifte Minareli Medrese was built as a theological school around the mid 13th century and has incredible architecture featuring two minarets. Only a couple of hundred meters away is the Silver Mausoleum, which was once covered in silver until it was stripped by the Russians. It is an interesting octagonal shaped mausoleum from the 13th century.The Yakutiye Medrese is a beautiful Mongol palace built in 1308 by Prince Uljaitu. It possesses a beautiful tiled minaret and highly decorative reliefs at the main entrance. Ulu Cami is one of Erzurums oldest buildings and was constructed in 1179. It is a seven-aisled mosque, which was damaged in the 1939 earthquake, but has now been beautifully restored. Shopaholics will love the Jewelry Bazaar in Erzurum where there are several shops close to the Georgian Gate Mosque. The citys small artisans quarter is also nearby just northwest of the mosque. Erzurum has many tourist attractions throughout the city to provide an intriguing Turkey getaway.