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    Well known for its Sulpher Springs, many discount hotels in Eskisehir are popular with tourists. In addition to spa treatments guests of the town have the pleasure of visiting the area's interesting attractions. The Museum of Glassware Arts pays homage to one of Turkey's long standing forms of art. It has examples of glass through the years on display. The Merersch Museum is dedicated to the famous Merersch stones, a light white stone used for building. And, the Archeology Museum houses Phrygian artifacts.Cheap hotels in Eskisehir are a short distance from Ottoman House, now a museum. This house was a home in the 19th century and exhibits domestic artifacts of the time. The monuments in Eskisehir are plentiful- Gerdek rock, the Unfinished Monument, and the Falcon Fortress should all be included on any sightseeing agenda. Eskisehir's two universities are also worth a visit. The Anadolu and the Eskisehir Osmangazi can be found in the central part of town, not far from many of the attractions mentioned above.