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Gaziantep is city in the province of Gaziantep, Turkey. It is served by Gaziantep Airport just 15km from the city center. Known locally as Antep, the city is a bustling hive of activity and has a rich history and heritage. There is much to do and see here. You must visit the beautiful castle and take in some of the many museums including the Mosaic Museum, the Medusa (Glass) Museum, the Martyr's Museum, the Dervishes Museum (Mevlevihane), and the Hasan Süzer Ethnographic Museum. If you are into shopping then you can try the "Bakırcılar arısı" bazaar in the city center where you can sharpen up your bartering skills. If youd like to come and explore this intriguing city you can book a room at one of the comfortable discount hotels in Gaziantep.The Gaziantep region has a rich history stretching back to Paleolithic times and many fossils and relics are still being discovered. The city itself can trace its history back as far as 4000BC although the original old city is to be found 12 miles away from the current, newer city center. The city is a virtual treasure trove of old buildings and wonderful architecture, and if you stay at one of the many good budget hotels in Gaziantep, you will get directions to all of the notable sites to visit in the city. The local food is excellent with Gaziantep being particularly famous for its spicy kebabs.