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Hatay, Turkey was at one time known as Antakya, Turkey, and the city has great religious and historical significance. At one time, the city of Hatay was known as The Fair Crown of the Orient. Today, it just looks like an ordinary little town. Hatay has a special significance for those of the Christian faith, for this is where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians. More than likely, the Gospel of Matthew was written in Hatay. Several excavations were done in Hatay during the mid 1930's, and many beautiful artifacts and ancient mosaics were discovered. It was hoped that some of the ancient city would be unearthed, but it remains hidden. There are some interesting attractions in Hatay, such as what is thought to be the oldest church in the world, the Cave Church of St. Peter, and the Hatay Archaeological museum. Restaurants in Hatay serve the best of Turkish cuisine, along with some local Turkish favorites.