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            Ataturk International Airport Details

            If you plan on staying in the beautiful country of Turkey then you will surely be staying in the city of Istanbul. If you are staying in Istanbul then you will definitely want to fly into the Atatürk International Airport. This lovely and huge airport is one of the best places to go when you are traveling to Turkey. This great airport has all the usual amenities you would expect from a great international airport.The Atatürk International Airport is a lovely public airport and has a very large number of passengers go through the gates each year. The traffic they will receive this year was estimated at 26 million people. That is a huge number and the city of Istanbul is getting more and more popular as a tourist spot. Istanbul is one of the nicest cities in all of the Middle East, and when you arrive at the Atatürk International Airport you will learn why.

            Address: Yeilköy, 34149 İstanbul, Turkey

            Code: IST

            Phone: +90 212 463 3000

            Open hours: 12:00 - 11:30 pm