Hotels in Dolmabahçe Palace

            Dolmabahçe Palace Details

            Of all the palaces to go and see in the Middle East the best ones are located in the beautiful city of Turkey. Turkey has many wonderful cities but the best of them is the superb city of Istanbul. Istanbul is huge and full of great places to go and things to do such as going to visit the beautiful palaces in the city. When you arrive in the city of Istanbul you will realize why it is such a popular place for visitors to the Middle East to go to stay.

            One of the best palaces in the city is the Dolmabahçe Palace. This grand palace was built in the year 1853 and was a major center for the Ottoman Empire up until the year 1922. This great place to go is very close to many other great sights of Istanbul that you will want to go and see while in the city.

            Address: Vinezade Mh., 34357 Beikta/İstanbul, Turkey

            Phone: +90 212 236 9000

            Open hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

            Opened: 1856