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            In turkey you will find many lovely museums to go and visit while there. However some of the very best museums are located in the Turkish city of Istanbul. There are so many different kinds of museums in Istanbul that you will have no problem finding just the right place for you to go with subjects that suit your fancy. There is a fairly new museum in the city called the Jewish Museum of Turkey that is a great place to go in the city.The Jewish Museum of Turkey was established back in the year 2001 and although the museum itself it not very old the history and the exhibits that you will see there are quite old and wonderful. You will love this Jewish cultural center in the city and want to tell all your friends about it. You can learn anything you may want to learn about Judaism at the Jewish Museum of Turkey.

            Address: Arap Cami Mh., Perçemli Sk No:1, Beyolu, Turkey

            Phone: +90 212 292 6333