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            Miniature Park Details

            In Turkey you will find many wonderful parks to go and visit, especially in the city of Istanbul. Istanbul has numerous lovely parks to visit but one of the most interesting of the parks in the entire city is the Miniatürk. The Miniatürk is a very great miniature park in the city. The Miniatürk (Miniature Park) was opened up not too long ago in the year 2003. This great park has over 100 models to go and check out while in the park.The models in the park are of various structures from all throughout the city of Istanbul. There are many great historic structures there as well, so you will get to learn all about the models and the buildings they are based on. This park is full of great things to do and see and there is plenty of room if they decide to add some more models to the collection.

            Address: Sütlüce Mahallesi, İmrahor Caddesi, Sütlüce/ Beyolu/İstanbul, Turkey

            Phone: +90 212 222 2882

            Open hours: 9:00 am 6:00 pm