Hotels in Rumeli Fortress

            Rumeli Fortress Details

            There is a beautiful fortress in the city of Istanbul in Turkey that you will definitely want to go and see while staying in the city. The fortress is called the Rumeli Fortress, and it is one of the nicest in all of Turkey. The fortress was built back in the year 1452, and it took nearly 4 months to complete. The Rumeli Fortress is surely one of the most popular places to go in that area of Turkey.The fortress is now a very beautiful museum in the city and many people go there to visit it each and every year. The museum is full of great things like cannons from the conquest of Istanbul. If you want to know a little about the history of Istanbul or simply like to go to museums then the lovely Rumeli Fortress is the perfect spot for you to go in Istanbul.

            Address: Yenidoan Mh., Yahya Kemal Cd No:42, Bayrampaa, Turkey

            Phone: +90 212 263 5305