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Named for the Saffron that grows across the area, Safranbolu is located near the Black Sea coast. The powder harvested from the flowers is used as a dye as well as a fragrant herb in local dishes. But the town is known for more than just saffron; its history can be traced back to 3000 B.C.. The Romans called the area Paphlagonia, and the Ottoman Empire created the silk road to connect the silk trade to Istanbul. While staying in town, be sure to sample the local cuisine to taste the fresh herbs. Many budget hotels in the area also have good restaurants; be sure to check for discount Safranbolu hotels.There are over 1000 structures in Safranbolu that exhibit classic Turkish architecture. In fact, UNESCO has declared the town part of the Cultural Heritage list. Buildings of note include the Koprulu Mehmet Mosque, the Izzet Mehmet Pashas Mosque, and the Tennaries clock tower. There are also a number of rock tombs outside the city, and an ancient aqueduct.