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      Konya is famous for its carpets, and has been producing them since the 13th century. If you are looking for a great souvenir to remember your Turkey getaway, this is a great place to purchase it. At the edge of the Konya old quarter is the Archaeological Museum, which has a great variety of archaeological artifacts including some beautiful Roman sarcophagi. At Alaeddin Tepesi, visitors can see the ruins of Alaeddin Kaykobad's palace and the remains of the old city wall. Aziziye Camii Mosque in Konya is a beautifully decorated baroque style building that was built in 1676. It was partially destroyed by fire and was rebuilt between 1867 and 1874.On the eastern side of the old town is the Mevlana Tekkesi, which is a mausoleum and museum dedicated to the mystic, philosopher and theologist Mevlana Celaleddin. The building that houses the museum is a landmark of Konya and attracts many international and local tourists. Sahip Ata Kulliyesi is a Dervish monastery built between 1258 and 1283 that also has Turkish baths. The separate baths for men and women have been restored. To the north of the citadel is Karatay Medresesi, which was a theological college founded in 1251. The building complex is now a museum of Seljuk enamel tiles and visitors can still see the students cells.