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The attractive city of Manisa is in the Aegean part of Turkeys region of Anatolia. The city dates back to 500 BC, but there have been settlements on this site since 1400 BC. There is plenty of wine, fresh fruit, and other good food. In March, visitors can enjoy the annual Mesir Macunu (Spiced Candy) Festival. The candy is said to restore health and vitality, and even act as an aphrodisiac.Manisa is a community rich in history and legend. Alexander the Great was here in 334 BC. In Sipildagi Milli Park, just outside town, you can see the famous Rock of Niobe. According to Greek mythology, the god Zeus changed a vain woman named Niobe into a rock that can still be seen today, and that the rock still weeps Niobes tears. This park also has hot springs. There are many examples of Ottoman and Seljuk architecture in Manisa. The 16th century Sultan Mosque was built for Ayse Sultan, the mother of Suleyman the Magnificent. The 16th century Muradiye Mosque was designed by the great architect, Sinan. Adjacent to this mosque is the Murad Bey Medresse, which houses the Manisa Archaeological Museum. Also see the 14th century Ulu Camii, built in the reign of Isak Bey. The tomb of Isak Bey is close by.