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    The village of Dalyan gets its name from the Turkish word for fish trap, and fishing is a major component of life for the locals. They often use an old method of weir netting, where the net is set to drift in a current. Fisherman can often be seen casting their nets on the Dalyan Creek. But during the day, they are more likely to be offering transportation to tourists, who are often more lucrative than the fish. Cheap hotels in Dalyan are available, and offer a number of different amenities. Check for the best discount Dalyan hotels.The major tourist attraction in the area is the city of Caunos, the ancient settlement that dates from 3000 B.C. It sits on the channel and faces the village. It was once a sprawling port city, and many of the structures and monuments still stand. The Acropolis is still surrounded by the old city walls. Four temples, numerous baths, a theatre, churches, and even an ancient gym are all still visible. Besides Caunos, there are the interesting Lycian tombs. These are built into the rocks, decorated with columns and intricate carvings. The town also offers jeep tours, turtle watching, and all manner of sports activities.